Be careful what you wish for when you blow out your birthday candles!

Take two adjoining hotel suites, add two couples, contrive that they each somehow meet the wrong partner, and complicate matters with an enthusiastic Italian room waiter, a professional escort called Mimi, and you have the recipe for an evening of chaotic entanglements!

When the hidden door between the rooms turns out to be open, everyone can become who they would rather be or would rather not be… Keep an eye on both rooms at once, and stay alert until the last minute of this amusing comedy. Every comic nuance of this explosive mixture is played with extreme precision and at a crazy pace by an all-star cast, under the supervision of director Jerzy Bończak.

Why not spend your birthday with us at the Capitol? We guarantee and unforgettable experience!”

director: Jerzy Bończak

translation: Elżbieta Woźniak

scenography: Klaudia Solarz

costumes: Sylwester Krupiński

music: Marian Szałkowski



Premiere: 2022-10-24

130 min

from 59 zł

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