Stefan Vögel


(Eine gute Partie)

Two aging friends, new love and rejuvenescence. How to break old soldier’s habits? Will an attractive woman help? And what will his son say?

Who takes part in the game of chess? Grumpy widower Fred, his son Leonard, his friend Walter and the housekeeper, Rosalinda.

Fred lives according to a schedule. On Tuesday he plays chess with his friend Walter, always at 2 PM. On Wednesday his son visits him, they constantly argue about Fred’s unhealthy lifestyle and housekeepers.

Fred fires every housekeeper his son hires. He doesn’t want anyone on his territory. He doesn’t want anyone new in his life. But one day his life changes completely…

Director Andrzej Rozhin

Translation Izabela Rozhin

Scenography Joanna Pielat-Rusinkiewicz

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