Wasilij Sigariew


“Lie Detector” is a comedy about an old Russian couple. It turns out that both lying and the desire to know the truth can be a drug that transforms into poison…
A young hypnotist shows up the apartment of an old Russian couple. Nadia wants to find the money, which her alcoholic husband has hidden somewhere. During the hypnosis, they learn about embarrassing things from his past. But what goes around, comes around… Boris finds a way to take revenge on his wife. It turns out that Nadia is hiding much more than him.
How will it end? Do we really need to know everything? Or are you better off not knowing…
Author Wasilij Sigariew

Translation Agnieszka Lubomira Piotrowska

Director Robert Talarczyk

Scenography and costumes Jan Kozikowski

Ruch sceniczny Krzysztof Kris Adamski

Assistant Director Ala Tomczok

Premiere: 2019-02-19

120 min.

39 zł, 85 zł, 99 zł

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