(Das andalusische Mirakel)

Hubertus Nowak is forced to stay in a small Spanish town that he hates… His car broke down and he’s getting divorced. He’s in Spain in a low-budget hotel, because… his lawyer is on holiday here! But it’s not the last horrible thing that is going to happen…. There are no vacancies in San Miguel, so Nowak has to stay in a room with a complete stranger. Hubertus is not happy, but agrees to sleep in one bed with a poor traveler. After all, it’s only one night. They didn’t know that the night will be full of miracles…

This comedy is guaranteed to leave audiences teary-eyed with laughter. There’s also one more surprise… Polish audience will have to play Spaniards! We won’t tell you more – buy your tickets now!

Authors: Lars Albaum & Dietmar Jacobs
Director: Andrzej Rozhin
Translation: Izabela Rozhin
Scenography: Joanna Pielat
Paintings: Zuzanna Gaszyńska
Music: Waldemar Król
Choreography: Violetta Suska
Costumes: Agnieszka Kaczyńska
Assistant Director: Anna Modrzejewska

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