A married couple with many years of experience, where routine fills the daily life, decides to buy a friend. Although the wish of his wife Christine was a purebred yorkie, but the spouse Jaques chooses a less absorbing animal in the pet store, namely… a fish.
From then on, their apartment grows by another tenant every day.
And so a long-time acquaintance, who has had a crush on Christine for years, and a homeless woman, looking for help, come under their roof. And with each new guest comes new secrets, the confidant of which becomes a fish swimming in the aquarium.
What will the husband want to hide from his wife? And what has she herself done indecently?
Will all the hidden secrets eventually come to light or will the fish keep them to himself…?

Director: Marcin Sławiński

Translator: Barbara Grzegorzewska

Fish voice: Cezary Pazura

Costumes: Tomasz Jacyków

Music: Agnieszka Putkiewicz

Assistant director: Anna Modrzejewska



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