Dave Freeman



A dark, shabby hotel straddling the French-German border, its glory days long past, and not everything in it works sehr gut anymore! A leaking radiator, a crumbling reservoir, mysteriously wallpapered doors…

“What to do with this busted radiator? Fix it, or maybe buy… a new hotel?”

Meet Heinz – a wannabe doctor, womanizer, and the infallible hotel manager, along with Kazek – a know-it-all porter, who’s always tipsy. They’re scrambling to hide the dreadful condition of the rooms to satisfy their guests. Through their absentmindedness they accidentally double-book the last room in town! “Oui, monsieur, yes, you’re in luck – we have one more room!” First to arrive are Brenda – “today’s most beautiful arrival at the hotel…” and Stanley Philby – a regular “who’s always worried about the bathroom, only to end up washing his feet in the bidet!”. Joining the room full of foreigners are English businessman John Parker, his wife Helga, and the seductive Simone…

A true foreigner fiesta is underway!

An astonishing twist of events ensures that nothing goes as planned that day.

Characters unfulfilled in their relationships fall into a trap of desire, triggering an avalanche of lies.

Take a peek inside this hotel room, brimming with secrets and half-truths.

Who will wind up in this bedfull of foreigners? Is more than just the old hotel’s interior crumbling?

Although the hotel restaurant is closed, we guarantee that you will leave the audience satisfied like never before.

Au revoir! See you at the Capitol Theatre!

P.S. What is it that leaks when turned one way and bangs when turned the other? ;)

Not sure? Come and find out!


Directed by: Jerzy Bończak

Translation: Elżbieta Woźniak

Set Design: Michał Dracz

Costumes: Iga Sylwestrzak

Music: Małgorzata Małaszko

Casting Director: Magdalena Sowa

Assistant Director: Anna Modrzejewska



Premiere: 2024-02-22

ok. 120 min z przerwą

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