Ray Cooney


(Funny Money)

Henry has picked up the wrong briefcase and, instead of his office papers and half a cheese and chutney sandwich, he discovers one million five hundred thousand pounds in used notes.

He makes a quick decision. After all, it is his birthday. He rushes home to tell his wife, Jean. Time is money, so he puts his plan into action. His wife isn’t happy about this crazy idea…

When they try to come to an agreement, unexpected guests complicate the situation. And then the real action begins …

Director: Jerzy Bończak

Translator: Elżbieta Woźniak

Scenography: Marek Chowaniec

Costumes: Tomasz Jacyków

Music: Jerzy Mączyński

Assitant Director: Marta Gierzyńska 


140 min

from 59 zł

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