Be careful what you dream about before you blow out your birthday candle!

This insanely funny comedy of unplanned situations, could really happen, when fantasy begins to lead the characters into temptation or… lead them by the nose, to the delight of the Viewer who is caught up in this frenzied drama :)

Two twin suites of a luxury hotel, adjacent through a wall as in a mirror image, can accommodate even the most eccentric set of Guests: a quarreling separated couple, an Italian waiter who is Italian or happens to be, a civil servant waiting for a scandalous Birthday Gift, a couple of shy lonely hearts arranged by a matrimonial agency, an exotic Mimi – a professional from an escort agency, an eccentric psychiatrist unable to cope with his own emotions, an attractive and elegant businesswoman, a virginal lover of romantic literature carelessly overdoing it with alcohol and …? It would take a long time to enumerate the possibilities of personal configurations getting out of hand – although there are still only five actors on stage! How is this possible? When the hidden doors between the rooms turn out to be unsealed, everyone can become someone they would rather be or very much prefer not to be….

Dear Viewer – don’t let them out of your sight and stay alert in both rooms at once until the last minute of this knockout funny confusion. Every comic nuance of this spiraling explosive mix is played with extreme precision and at a frenetic pace by a stellar cast of actors known as masters of humor, under the watchful directorial leadership of Jerzy Bonczak.

Why not spend your birthday with us at the Capitol Theater?
You will 100% not forget them for a long time!


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